3 Great Health Benefits of Rock Climbing (Including Weight Loss!)

There are so many different health benefits associated with rock climbing, and it’s important that you know what they are. If you want to get healthier overall, you will find that this particular activity is one of the best things you can take up in your spare time. I have enjoyed rock climbing for quite a while now, and I feel like it’s something everyone should look into.

Burning calories

One of the biggest health benefits associated with rock climbing is that it can actually help you burn quite a few calories. You can burn up to 900 calories an hour when ascending and up to 800 an hour when going back down. If you have some extra pounds that you want to shed, it is highly recommended that you consider taking up rock climbing.

Disease prevention

Studies have shown that regular rock climbing can actually reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. These are serious illnesses that you will definitely want to avoid.

Strengthening and toning your body

Another one of the more noteworthy benefits of rock climbing is that it can actually help you with gaining more strength and toning your body. If you have always wanted a lean and toned body like so many others, you will find that rock climbing is an excellent choice of activity. The nature of rock climbing requires quite a bit of upper body strength, though you do use every part of your body. I have personally found that rock climbing is way more effective at toning my body than lifting weights in the gym.


Rock climbing is truly one of the best things you can do to relax. If you want to take your stress level down a notch, it is certainly important that you start exploring this activity. While it’s true that there are a lot of different ways to go about reducing stress, many people find rock climbing to be quite effective.

Things to consider

There are a number of important things to consider about rock climbing before you start getting involved with it, including how you start. When you are just starting off, you will probably want to start with indoor climbing. I started this way and I’m glad I did, because it helped prepare me for what was to come.

You will also need to manage your expectations when it comes to losing weight with rock climbing. While you won’t lose all the weight you want to from this activity in only a couple of weeks, it will eventually happen. As long as you are at least somewhat patient, you should start to see results fairly soon after beginning.