How I used Rock Climbing to Shed Extra Pounds

One year ago I started doing indoor wall climbing as a way to get in shape and lose weight. Eventually I decided that I was ready for the real thing. I can honestly say that there is nothing I enjoy more than climbing a big tall rock face in a beautiful landscape. Rock climbing is one of the best ways to burn calories, which is essential for losing weight.

Anyone who wants to lose a significant amount of weight needs to burn more calories than they take in. Once you start getting into rock climbing, you will quickly discover just how intense of a workout it can be. Harvard Health Publications has reported that a 155-pound person can burn up to 810 calories each hour while rock climbing on the ascent, and up to 590 calories while rappelling down.

After just a few months of rock climbing, I began noticing some rather significant weight loss. Lately my body has become more toned and solid than ever before, and I credit rock climbing for this drastic and positive change. I tried getting toned by hitting the gym regularly, but that never seemed to yield any noticeable results. It wasn’t until I began rock climbing that I really started seeing the difference in my physical appearance.

Rock climbing has also improved my mental health in a way that nothing else has in the past. I used to be constantly stressed out because of work, but taking up this new activity helped me cope with my negative feelings in a very effective way. A lot of people end up gaining weight because they are depressed and therefore overeat. I discovered that rock climbing made me a lot happier, which in turn caused me to stop eating so much on a regular basis.

I started out by climbing small rock faces and I have since worked my way up to fairly large mountains and cliffs. I recommend that anyone who is interested in rock climbing start off small like I did, because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself.

When I hit a plateau with my weight loss, I decided to start taking supplements. The natural weight loss supplements that I take on a regular basis really helped me to continue losing weight w1hen it seemed like I could no longer do so from physical activity alone. I believe that these supplements can be incredibly helpful for just about everyone. On top of weight loss supplements I also take a daily multivitamin total primate care. The combination of these supplements helps me live a very healthy lifestyle and stay in shape.

I started noticing more weight loss progress about three weeks into taking the weight loss supplements I purchased. I have to admit that I was a little bit hesitant at first; I thought all of these supplements were just a scam. The very noticeable results I got from taking weight loss supplements convinced me to keep going with them.

Today I am much healthier and happier, but I still have a ways to go with my weight loss. Rock climbing is something that I love doing and it’s very beneficial to my health, which I love.